Pro-Autism - Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Prioritize Remediation of Autism (Pro-Autism)

What parents are saying about RDI®

"Camelia Varga has a long experience of working with kids at different degrees of severity on the autism spectrum, and this was evident in the way she saw our son as an individual first. She is a very enthusiastic and motivating person to work with. She has demonstrated an excellent knowledge of early child development, to be able to guide us and reassure us as to what is expected in each stage of RDI. We have greatly benefited from discussing with her many aspects of what we saw happening in our son's development. We are looking forward to continuing with RDI as our sole autism intervention because so far the real life progress in our son is nothing short of amazing."


"RDI has played a significant role in our child's improvement. After years of struggle and disappointment, we now have a good quality of life as a family. It has fostered our relationship with our son and restored our hope for his future. Our consultant, Ms. Camelia Varga, always treats our son with respect. She believes in us, and in his potential. She rejoices along with us, as each objective is mastered. We are forever grateful for her endless support, encouragement, and hard work."