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Prioritize Remediation of Autism (Pro-Autism)


Camelia Varga, M.A. (Child Study)

I have spent more than twenty years working in the field of autism and special education. My experience in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (including Applied Verbal Behavior), Adapted Physical Activities and Teaching Children with Special Needs propelled my interest and motivation to make a difference in the lives of affected children and their families.

After years of working, training and becoming very familiar with many different approaches (Lovaas ABA, Verbal Behaviour, TEACCH, Floor time, Sensory Integration, Hanen, PECS, Social story, Lindamood-Bell Visualizing-Verbalizing, etc.) I still felt that something important was missing. Although I had good results using the ABA principles in the interventions, the results were limited. The children were learning words but not communicating in the true sense. They were not motivated to share their thoughts. There was very little sharing of emotion. Most interactions were a means to an end, rather than just enjoying the interchange of ideas and feelings.

I was very excited to learn about the RDI® Program in 2005, and I attended the two-day introductory workshop the same summer. Everything Dr. Gutstein was saying rang very true. In addition, the theory that the RDI® Program is based on was actually covered in some of my graduate courses of Child Development and Cognition. I felt that RDI really was what I was looking for: truly a "missing link" in the autism intervention field, as it was a remediation intervention that aimed to address the social and emotional deficits of autism.

I started the certification process in January 2006. The RDI® professional certification journey was completed in July 2008. It has been the most enriching experience of my life. I have been a certified consultant since 2008 and have been successfully re-certified every year since.

Through the RDI® Program I was able to see many positive changes and a better quality of life with many of my families. I look forward to many more years in helping families achieve quality of life in my RDI® consultant role.

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